Houg Transportation and Logistics Resources is family owned and operated and has been based in Colorado for over 30 years specializing in transportation and logistics. Houg and its team members have been recognized as leaders in the industry and serviced several fortune 500 carriers and customers across the nation in the transportation and logistics industry. 

Our goals are to provide our customers and carriers with leading edge, high quality, transportation and logistics resources and solutions to help keep them logistically competitive.  

Our team is committed to providing the resources required to assist our carriers and customers to effectively and efficiently operate their businesses by taking a proactive approach in identifying and communicating new cost saving solutions and opportunities in a highly competitive industry.  We look forward to partnering with your company to achieve success.    


Jenyce Houg

Jenyce W. Houg-Brown is the CEO of Houg Transportation & Resources, Inc., which specializes in transportation and full service logistics. She has been involved in the transportation logistics industry for over 32 years. 

Jenyce is very active in the transportation community serving at the past Chairman for the Colorado Motor Carrier Association and currently resides on the Executive Board as Secretary/Treasurer. She is currently the Chairman of the Freight Advisory Council for  Colorado Department of Transportation.

She is a member of The Denver Transportation Club. 

Jenyce has been nominated for the Biz Magazine’s Woman of the Year award in 2010 and the recipient of City of Commerce City “Fred Factor” award in 2011. 

Jenyce also owns and operates VisionLed LLC, a Denver, Colorado consulting practice specializing in the assessment and development of leadership within a variety of organizations. Her realistic approach to business problems has been honed through two decades of experience in a highly competitive industry. 

Douglas R. Houg


Douglas R. Houg is the Founder of Houg Transportation & Logistics Resources, Inc., which specializes in transportation and full service logistics. He has more than 45 years of experience working in the transportation industry. 

Doug is the consummate entrepreneur and embraces the courage to take the risks that are critical in building a company from nothing to success.  Doug has owned and operating several business over his career. 

Doug has been very active in the transportation community for over 40 years in Colorado and built the reputation and respect of an outstanding leader in the transportation and logistics industry. 

Doug has a taught and worked with Chief Executive officer, his daughter for 32 years and together they have taken on the many challenges and successes that the transportation industry lends. 

Doug's leadership philosophy, which he taught his daughter, family and many employees,  customer service is always #1 and and we must adhere to doing business with the highest level of honesty, loyalty and integrity. 

Denise Franklin

Denise Franklin  is the General Manager of Houg Transportation and Logistics Resources, Inc. She has been involved in transportation for 14 years starting out her career in the transportation industry in 2005 working for the Houg's as their Human Resources Manager and expanding her experience learning all aspects of the transportation and logistics business. 

Denise currently manages all aspects of the daily operations for Houg Transportation.